Attention all seagulls, summer is coming

lie tiger small

I am very grateful to Kobo for approving Lie of the Tiger for a promo in June.

I have to laugh about what the promotion is called though.

Beach Reads!

I understand how this works for writers in the Northern Hemisphere.  Readers flock to the beach and have time on their hands while they lie on their towels in the sun.

In my part of the world, though, winter arrives next week, and the only people on the beach will be seagulls (who don’t read a lot unless there’s a stray chip among the pages).

What’s more, I live in Canberra. It’s an inland city so you need to drive a couple of hours to find a proper beach. We do have a lake, which has something akin to a beach but even seagulls need to wear thermal undies to bask on it at this time of the year.

I digress. The promo is from June 7 to 14. (Did I mention winter start here on June 1?)

During that time, the novel will be marked down to $2.99 AUD, $2.99 CAN and $1.99 US.

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