Old novel, new cover

yellowBS-smallMajor BS THUMBNAIL

Good news. Cover designer Maria is back on track after her computer woes.

She has tweaked my Major BS cover for me. I like it. You? The previous cover was blue and the title was more wordy. I think brighter colours better reflect the mood I'm trying to hit and the comic image stands out better against the lighter colour.

The novel is available at Amazon, Apple ibooks, Google Play, B&N, and Kobo.

Maria is also starting work on a cover for Escape from Mad Bill's Island so I should have that in a week or two. I'm mightily relieved things are happening again. I feel I've been running on the spot this past month or two.I'm puffed out!

Free short reads

My rehashed collection of flash fiction is available free at AmazonIbooksGoogle PlayB&N and Kobo.
If you've already read Romeo and Julie, you've already read this book, so don't bother. I've just done a bit of shuffling and housecleaning so I could try out Pronoun, an aggregator that's new to me.

It's the first thing I e-published when I was trying to figure out how to do this stuff, so I guess it shows how far I've come.

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