Method in my Mad Bill-ness

SOME folks might remember how I spent November being anti-social while I wrote the first draft of my funny crime caper as a participant of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

I am now releasing part of that novel (to prove I wasn’t just soaking up the sun while pretending to be productive).


The aim of NaNoWriMo was to write 50,000 words in the month. I went through my calendar, worked out the days I was available to write and figured out I needed to put down 2500 words on those days. It was fun.

My working title was Thar he Blows! I never liked that though. I’ve changed it to Escape From Mad Bill’s Island.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’ve made a typo because the book cover I have pictured here clearly says Escape To Mad Bill’s Island.

But that’s quite deliberate. This book is a mere entrée — the first 7000 words of a novel that I’ll release in full later this year, and on Kobo and iBooks as well as Amazon. The cover for this one is an amateurish job done by me. Maria Connors will produce something much better for the real thing.

This one is exclusive to Amazon, and is priced at the bottom end of the scale. Amazon gives me five days from a 90-day contract when I can give the book away for free but I haven’t got around to determining these slots yet. You need to be on my mailing list if you want to be kept up to date on that.

IN A NUTSHELL: Ralph Whistler is a newspaper reporter who likes to escape from the pressures of life on Saturday afternoons, but he doesn’t expect an escape on this scale. Ralph has to flee a soccer crowd that takes exception to his refereeing, and he ends up on a fishing boat with two criminals hiding from the law, a dim-witted deckhand and a skipper who doesn't care Ralph needs to get home to his pregnant wife. What his version will detail is how Ralph gets on to Mad Bills Island. Youll need to wait for the full thing to find out how he gets off it again!

Get the book here:


Good news for people who don’t care to join my community and get a free copy of my new 62,000-word novel, Who Knew Tasmanian Tigers Eat Apples. You can now bypass me and buy it in the e-format of your choice. 

I’ve put the eBook up on Amazon, Kobo and iBooks (Apple) at

Of course, you can still get the book for free by joining my mailing list. But now you have a choice. I certainly don’t bombard my subscribers with emails. I just try to keep them at the head of the queue whenever I release something new or do a giveaway. But I realise some people loath being on email lists.

IN A NUTSHELL: The mayor of Windy Mountain thinks he can defy public opposition and rip out his historic orchard, but he hasn’t counted on the reaction of Tasmanian tiger hunter Moose Routley. All Moose wants a quiet life. All Sergeant Randolph Birtwistle wants an uneventful week to finish his career. All the Windy Mountain Tigers just want to win their first football premiership in 99 years of trying. AUSTRALIAN HUMOUR WITH A FEW DASHES OF MYSTERY.


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IN A NUTSHELL: Major Jeremy Billycock-Smythe never asked for a helicopter to take away his dreams and make him one of the most hated characters in funny fiction. What he really wanted was money, a knighthood and for everyone to call him Major B.S. The book is set around Canberra, Australia though two of the key characters come from London. If you enjoy a bit of schadenfreude, you'll appreciate seeing Major B.S. getting his comeuppance while the man he bullies and belittles emerges as the real hero of the novel. 


Major BS is now for sale on Amazon as e in print on demand from Amazon. It began life as an eBook.

It's only available in the USUK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan stores. (sorry fellow Aussies, this is out of my control).

It's $US8.90. The eBook version is much cheaper but this gives people a choice.

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